About Us

Experienced and Reliable


 Five Pointe Moving is a family owned and operated professional moving company. While we were established in 2005, we have 30 years of industry experience. We are proud to be from Michigan and to support our local communities in the metro Detroit area.  

Moving with Care


 Moving can be stressful, even under the best of circumstances. We'd like to put your mind at ease by providing a moving crew that will move your family belongings as if they were moving their own. With knowledge, experience and proper moving equipment, they handle each item with care. We have worked relentlessly to earn a good reputation by approaching each customers' needs individually and offering a variety of moving services to accommodate those needs. 

Our Promise



We promise to provide you with the best customer service from your initial contact with us to after you've settled into your new home. 

The Bottom Line: You are what keeps us in business. We are dedicated to providing an affordable, worry-free moving experience from beginning to end. 

Licensed and Insured




We are licensed through the State of Michigan:

CVED: 32542

Carrier ID: 801339556

DOT: 1714295 

We have been in operation since 2005

Moving Insurance:


Local moving companies in Michigan are required to provide free liability coverage with your move. However, this coverage does not include all items. Some items that are excluded from coverage are glass, ceramic and particle board (put together furniture). Some moving companies will offer higher coverage with additional cost to you. The liability coverage is based at $.60 per pound for items that are not excluded from the terms and conditions. When you are getting quotes from moving companies, don't forget to ask about the moving insurance. There are other different types of moving insurance coverage that the state requires the moving companies to obtain. Here are some questions to ask when calling the moving companies.

  • What type of coverage comes with my move?
  • Are all of my belongings covered?
  • If not, what items are not covered?
  • If something does get damaged, how and what would I be compensated? 

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