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Phone:  Macomb  (586) 803-1555      Oakland  (248) 855-6565       Wayne (313) 884-1555

Thank you for inquiring with us.  We have a short questionnaire for you to review which will tell you if our company is right for you.  If it is,
please proceed on to apply.
Employment Application
Professional Moving Services
Applicant Questionnaire:

  •  Are you drug-free and can you pass the drug screening test?

  •  Do you have your own transportation?

  •  Do you have  a positive attitude?

  •  Do you work well with other crew members?

  •  Are you physically fit: able to lift, climb, bend, carry furniture and boxes all day, etc?

  •  Do you have good customer communications skills?

  •  Drivers-Do you have any experience?

  •  Movers-Do you have any experience?

If you have answered YES to ALL questions, please e-mail your resume to:

If you do not have a resume, simply answer these questions for Mover Helper jobs or Mover Driver jobs and submit it in
place of a resume to:

Thank you
Five Pointe Moving
Management Team