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We move as much as you want us to move. From small to large moves, we will carefully move your furniture and other belongings to your new home. 

Here is a list of our moving services:

Full Service Moving

We pick-up and deliver all of your belongings in your home. The experienced movers will arrive in a truck with all the necessary equipment to provide maximum safety during your move. 

Partial Service Moving

Only need us to move some of your stuff? We pick-up and deliver a portion of your belongings in your home. This service includes truck and equipment.

In-Home Moving

Our movers will move items within your home as directed by you. This service does not include the truck, but we will provide the moving equipment.

This service is usually requested for reasons such as:
Clearing a room for new flooring.

Setting up a room to care for an ill relative
Bringing items from attic or garage
Swapping bedrooms
Moving seasonal items 

Labor Only Moving

Our movers will load and unload your rental truck, a portable storage container or a storage facility unit. This is often a good money-saver on your move. 

Specialty Moving

No need to call a separate company to specialty item  them moved.  Our movers are trained to carefully handle your special or unique items, such as:  Piano, safe, jukebox, arcade game, pool table, antiques, etc. 



Full Service Packing

We do all the packing and all of the unpacking at your new home.  When you order the boxes and supplies from us, we will deliver them to your home for free. The professional packers will carefully handle your belongings and provide the proper packing materials.

Partial Service Packing

Only need us to pack a portion of your belongings? Maybe you're comfortable with packing some things but you want professionals to handle your more delicate items. Or possibly, you started packing and just realized it's a lot of work to tackle on your own. We can help! 

Boxes and Supplies

We have a full line of professional packing supplies to properly pack and provide protection during the transport.     

  • Boxes - variety of sizes and types
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Packing Paper
  • Mattress Bags
  • Shrink Wrap

Other supplies are available upon request. Call for more details.

Supplies must be ordered prior to packing or moving day. 


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Kathy K Shelby Twp, MI

The movers did an awesome job. They were really hard workers. That was just part 1 of my move. I will need them to come back a few more times  after I have a garage sale. Thank you!  


Yvonne - Macomb, MI

What a great experience. The two-guy team treated all of our furniture and belongings with the utmost respect, and they were extremely careful  about the walls and flooring in both the home we were moving out of, as well as the new one.  They showed up right on time, and while the move took longer than we had expected (because we needed help with more stuff than we had  realized), they worked incredibly hard to get done as quickly as possible, and stayed as long as the job required.  A family member, who was there with us on moving day, has now hired Five Pointe for her own move in the coming weeks.  

Patrice - Royal Oak, MI

Our entire experience moving my mom into a senior community was as stress free as it could get. The staff, from the receptionist, to the  estimator, to the 3 movers, were the best in the business.  They were total professionals, kind and considerate.  The floors were covered, the  banisters were padded, our furniture was shrink wrapped, and the truck was clean.  Plus, they worked non-stop at a very fast pace, and  packed/unpacked whatever we wanted.  Eddie especially was very passionate about his work and had a very calming affect on my mom. Their price was very reasonable and was less than another company we were considering. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone.Our  family used Five Pointe Moving a couple of times in the last 2 months. Mike & Eddie were awesome! They were professional, courteous, & so careful with all of the furniture.  So when I moved yesterday I wouldn't use anyone but Five Pointe Moving. Again, Mike & Eddie were great!  They were on time, got the job done in a timely manner, courteous & were very careful with all of my belongings. Something else I noticed about  these guys-I never heard them complain, yell or swear. That's got to be hard not to do when it's hot and you're moving heavy equipment up &  down stairs. Thanks guys-you're some of the hardest workers I've ever seen!  

Cindy - Grosse Pointe, MI

I had kind of a large move with 4 movers and 2 trucks. The crew was fantastic! On-time, friendly, hard workers. They took time to protect all my  furniture and they covered some things with their blankets in my house to protect areas like my railing and banister. I just had all new wood  flooring put in right before the move so I was a little paranoid about scratches. If they had to set anything down they made sure to protect the floor first. I was impressed at how careful they were with everything. Very Happy! I would use them again.  

Virginia - Sterling Heights, MI

 I had Five Pointe move me out of my apartment at Pine Ridge Senior Living community. They have moved so many people in here, 5 other  residents and the Pine Ridge administrator recommended Five Pointe. The lady in the office was so polite and sweet.  I bought boxes which they  delivered for free. I told them I couldn't finish all of my packing so they said the movers could finish the packing before moving my stuff.  They  brought extra boxes with them and THANK GOODNESS!  I couldn't judge how many boxes I needed for all of my cupboards, pantry and china  cabinet things. They wrapped all my fragile dishes and figurines (over 50 years old) carefully. They unpacked my boxes at my new home and put  everything back in the cabinets. So relieved there was no damage!  The movers were so caring and safe with my furniture...And they were  especially patient with me. I know it has to be tough dealing with some of us older folks set in our ways. Great group of workers. I recommend this  company to anyone looking for movers.  My daughter will be using them when her new house is ready.  Thanks Five Pointe for all your help!  

Stuart - West Bloomfield, MI 

The movers were great!  They were very polite, conscientious of everything-protecting all of my things.  I would definitely recommend your company! Thanks for the good work.